Any Good 3D Games?

All I’m wondering is there any good free 3d games sites that have cool games? Thanks!

did you try : ?

For windows. This one is interesting.


Free? Good?





Tremulous. First person shooter that’s cross-platform, open source, free, great graphics, polished gameplay, and all around great! No AI, though, so it’s multiplayer only - but it automatically downloads a list of servers hosting games, so it’s real easy to get started.

Glest. Real time strategy that’s also cross-platform, open source, free, great graphics, polished gameplay, and all around great. :wink: They only have a Windows download from their site, though, so if you want it for Linux, you have to either get it from your distro or compile yourself.

I get motion sickness when I play them for a while . . . so I can’t give much help here.

Soldat!-- gameplay totaly rules!
BZflag- crappy graphics but good gameplay, works on most older systems.joystick support!
Sauerbraten- FPS with multiplayer, and single player… real time map editor.
True Comabt Elite- like Counterstrike, only not as gay.Adult players.
Assult Cube- cube made to look like counter strike
Urban Terror- yet another real life shooter, made with quake 3
Savage- Great graphics and unique gameplay.
neverball- fun 3d game
Project 64- play nintendo 64 games
ZSNES- play super nintendo games
nestopia- play 8bit nintendo game
MAME- play arcade games
Nexius- quake 1 on steroids
diekatana- free multi player version
FEAR Combat- free multi player from the commercial game FEAR
Farcry- once was a comercial game, 64 bit system ready!
Mega Mario, and Mario worlds… Great mario clones
Cave story… One of the greatest 2d games ever made. Very good gameplay, and the artwork is made to look like an old 16 bit console game.

Free mmo:
Silkroad- fun untill level 20
Dungeon runners- lame MMO gameplay, but great graphics
Guild wars- lame MMO gameplay, but great graphics
MU- fun game, nice graphics, like Diablo
Space cowboys- fun game, will not work in windows X64
Eternal lands- made with blender, but gameplay is lame MMO style.
PlaneShift- Great game, made with crystal space, but still , boaring MMO gameplay.

Games to Avoid:
Dofus- beyond gay. after playing this you will want to commit suicide.
Fly For fun!- see Dofus
Runescape- totally pointless
Conquer online- men wearing tights, you get to prove your manhood by killing things like J birds, and pigeons.
Second Life- Dont waste your time… Very bad graphics, and lots of gambling perverts.If you live in america there are police that go around in female models, trying to entrap people for talking about sex.You must pay real money if you want to upload a texture or a model.

candy mountain massacare looks like fun, i havnt played it yet, but yeah…

AHAHAHA Mmph! I played Dofus for like a year and a half. I liked it but it gets really really dull after you hit lvl 50 or so. You can go up forever. Even made a guild and got it pretty decent sized. We weren’t amazing, but so long as myself and the co-owner of the guild were involved in a battle we would rarely ever lose. That’s actually one of the reasons we stopped playing. The game starts to get really boring. it IS free tho, and if you get a bunch of buddies in there it’s pretty fun, but it’s not WoW or Guildwars or anything.

Second Life: It’s true, you have to pay money to upload stuff, but that’s like what… maybe a buck for a LARGE item. If that. More like 10 cents most of the time. And you can then copy and sell that object and MAKE a lot of money. I’ve actually been thinking about getting in on some of that action :stuck_out_tongue: But yeah, it’s not exactly the best thing ever. It’s fun to wander around, tho.

I think I’ll try out a few of the ones you suggest tho, I miss CS more than you can imagine :frowning:

here is a free flight sim,

Cross platform, and nice graphics:

Not completely free (you have to buy the game, but it’s free online play) Also it’s not an “MMO” it’s a “CRPG” (Cooperative Role Playing Game… or something)

Oh and the gameplay’s awesome :smiley:

try to search in youtube about ASSASINCREED its a very great game … and counter strike is a good one too

No arguments, the best and most fun:

NFM is a good one have played it & finished it try OBLIVION

Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory.

It’s free, and I think it’s perfect. Everything has been cleverly thought out. Perfect.

free ones?
check these lists, most of them got both linux/windows ports:

one I like very much, that has become free: (savage, the battle for newerth)
more info on the community mod projet here:

Nexuiz is a good open source shooter. Problem is that the multiplayer aspect seems to be a bit sluggish - lots of ping problems, at least for me. I don’t have those problems with any other games.

World of Padman : [cross platform / OSS ] fun and colorful multiplayer shooter

Funny, I have the opposite experience. Nexuiz is the only game I’ve played with good online play.