Any good 3D modelling basics tutorials out there?

Hi there everyone… It’s been a long time since I last posted on these forums. I’ve tried learning blender using the “Dive right in” method… and quite simple, it hasn’t really worked. I don’t want to be a professional 3D artist but it would be good to be able to actually model something I like. I have been able to make some rudimentary models but I get stuck when it comes to even slightly complex models.
So now I would like to try the other approach to learning… The “from-the-ground-up-method”. I was wondering if there are any good basics (as in 3d modeling fundamentals) tutorials out there… I don’t mind if they aren’t specific to blender since I’m trying to learn the very basics.

This chapter of Essential Blender is one of the best I know.

i wouldn’t recommend that chapter… it’s a bit too fast-paced and i don’t think i would’ve been able to go through it if i didn’t have previous experience with blender…

the best video tutorials in my opinion are the ones here:

they were for blender ~2.46, but nothing of this quality exists for most recent versions of blender…

Thanks for the links… I’ll check them out.