Any good apps for Blender and 3d in general?

I have a app that shows hotkeys in Blender, but are there any up to date (as in not for version 2.4 or something) tutorial apps and so on? There are apps for pretty much anything out there nowadays, so there’s probably something for this as well, but I didn’t find any last time I checked.

There is an app for this and it is called browser app. It allows to type in keywords and presents you with links to tutorials. It is a very good app and does exactly what you want. You can get it from every app store in multiple different flavors depending on your OS. Some more popular browser apps include Chrome, Firefox and others.

Not sure what the point of your post is and why it’s so hostile, but I prefer apps rather than using a browser, especially when using it on a smartphone, if you don’t like apps, then that’s your thing.

hey Jake, you didn’t understand a single word of kesonmis’ answer, did you?


Well, JakeRS you asked for an app and browser is an app in smartphone. Unless you specify some more elaborate features that this app should have besides presenting you with some material related to 3D based on keywords, there is no better app for doing what you want. Having a separate app to do just what browser does because you don’t like it being called a browser is kind of illogical.

I did, a browser is not really an (dedicated) app, I don’t want to search for tutorials on browsers for this, I was wondering if there’s a all in one app that has tutorials, hotkeys and stuff like that included. Not searching for anything specific, just something fun I could look at in my free time. If I wanted to look at regular websites or youtube videos for a specific tutorial, then I woudln’t be asking for a app.

As an example, the hotkey app I mentioned is the sort of thing I am looking for, there are a bunch of different hotkeys for objects, edit mode, sculpting,etc. and it’s a nice thing to have to quickly check for something, say you forgot the hotkey for merging vertices, you just open the app, 2,3 seconds later and you find it and at the same time you come across other useful hotkeys in the same place. The only limitation is that the app is made only for hotkeys and nothing else, even though it’s a great platform to put tutorials on as well.

LOL… Even complete newbie like me understood it is quite different question:-)

lol, you just look at the Blender interface, 2,3 seconds later and you find it and at the same time you come across other useful hotkeys in the same place :smiley: