Any good Blender Add On Tutorial's

Hi i am trying to code a Blender 2.7 plugin but there’s no good articles or tutorials that are helping me and i’m desperate to get this out to people!!!

This is a good place to start . . .

thanks but i’m kinda looking for a good article to follow tho??

What I did (I’m starting too):

  • Learn the

  • read this article on how to create simple buttons

  • find an addon that is similar to the one I wanted to create

  • read its code

  • try to understand it as much as I could and google the stuff I didn’t get.

  • Start to make my own

Then the articles you’d look for may depend on what kind of addon you want to make (buttons, sliders, popup windows, etc…)
I didn’t find a “Blender addon maker” course but this worked for me so far.

thanks for that

I just found this. I’m going to go through it but it seems like a great article for learning how to make Blender addons in general.

this other article is also pretty useful.