Any good (complete) start-to-finish character sculpting tutorials out there?

Hi everyone,

I’m looking for a complete (sculpting-dynotop-multires modifier-vertex or 3d texture paint, etc.) start-to-finish tut. Anyone know of one? I’m highly interested in learning what you all are doing and how you approach sculpting and finishing within B3D. I basically have the sculpting part down but am mostly interested in how you approach the ‘bringing it all together’ stages (as in, coloring and texturing the finished sculpt and whether you retopo, or not, and advantages, etc.). Thoughts?

Thank you in advance for your feedback! :cool:

Unfortunately you have to pay for it.

It’s well worth it though,i think the best idea is to just download as many tuts as you can within the first month of subscription and then only subscribe every second month so you can stay updated (since content is coming in rather slow)

You also get premium access to their other program tuts without any extra payments.

Thanks @DCBloodHound! I appreciate the feedback. This cgcookie course looks good but maybe I’m looking for something that focuses primarily on the texturing/painting end of it. That course doesn’t look to really apply a lot of time to the actual 3d-painting parts. I could be wrong. I know I didn’t really specify all that in my original post but I think I have the sculpting part down okay. (I am having a bit of trouble trying to remesh my current highres model - keeps crashing B3D. I have 12GB RAM but maybe I just didn’t set this model up properly from the beginning. Anyway.)

More specifically - I’m not having trouble with the ‘art’ part of the texturing/painting but how to properly and best set up Cycles to start painting/texturing. This may not make sense. Apologies if so.

I do appreciate your help!

They have a few on their other tuts

You basically get the hang of cycles after messing around with it for a bit (try setting up an HDRI map and making a few test textures)

Are you using multires or dynotop for sculpting?

@DCBloodHound - Thank you again. I’m quite familiar with Cycles. Everything in my sketchbook is done with Cycles (and HRDI).

I am going to check out those other tuts also. Thank you again.

And . . . similarly to your last question, I discovered this morning (to my limited knowledge) if using dynotopo you end up with a lot of tris. But it appears that multires maintains quads, which is something I desired. Retopology is frustrating for me. It takes too long for my A-D-D. Ha!!

I guess I’m just really wanting to be able to sculpt and then focus my energy on painting the actual sculpt. For some reason I was not getting it to work properly. I do think I figured it out this morning.

As an aside, if you really hate retopo and need to do it, you might want to check out the CG Cookies’ Contours tool. It’s still being developed and you do have to pay for it but it is a pretty sweet tool even as it is. Something you might want to check out for future reference.

@shadou - Thank you for the info. Yes, I saw that. Looks way cool!!