Any good face modeling tuts?

Well I need some tuts for modeling faces(in blender except from the ones in tut section).
If you know any good ones please post it

Here’s a video tutorial from mr_bomb:

Scroll to the bottom of the page

Thanks guys but I have allready seen those.Any others ?

You’ll have more luck at

one of the best full body tuts[/quote]

That is the one of the BEST tutorials that I have used, for me. It is a good idea to get a BLEND file of a head and face to learn the techniques used.

MakeHuman has been great for me; I just open it up and tweak a face the way I want and place it on side of Blender and use it as a visual reference.

I can observe the flow of edges, especially with the “Age” target. I have also created a MH face and exported the whole mesh to blender and used Blender to pull it apart and tried to mimic some of the topology…Really cool stuff.