Any good free stock photo sites?


I’m looking for macro images of mobile/cell phones for a website I’m working on. Can anyone recommend any free stock photo websites or if not free, ones where you only pay for a single image?

I’ve tried but theres no suitable images.


have you tried it’s a search engine where you can search for Creative Commons, Public Domain, GNU FDL images etc.

Edit: the site seems to down at the moment…

hmm hopefully it will be up soon, thanks ftw

and my first stop is flickr’s creative commons area:

honestly, when it comes to blender you need high resolutions, and i doubt your going to find any one site that offers what you need for free, but if your willing to pay, most definitely go to in fact, that have some free samples for you to try out in blender. :slight_smile:

that, or you could buy yourself a camera.

thanks for the links, very helpful.

This one i think is called is public domain photos.