any good planet making tutorials?

i’ve read the one offered by the blender site
and i’m having some serious trouble following it.
are there any other sites covering this topic?

thanks for your help guys.

I looked around a bit but that was all I came up with as well. Seems like a good tutorial, but maybe a little advanced.

I’m a novice, but maybe I could help. Any particular area of the tutorial you’re having problems with?

that is a rather vague question.

yes, i think that enrico valenza’s tutorial is a bit advanced for starters. (i still havent been able to produce anything good from it)

there is a python script for it here that is used to generate planets.

its called “blender world forge”

hope it works, and please try to be more specific in your question


Search for a site called B5Blender.


World forge is good for modeling but it doesn’t texture the objects. I am looking for a tut on how to texture planets. Anyone know of any?

Not a tut but good downloadable textures:


Ok cool, I’ll have a look @ this. I got the textures off the planet tut on the B5 site, but I want to learn how to do that atmosphere glow affect you see on planets. Can this be done in blender?

ok, here is a fairly advanced earth model for you to study.

Comes with everything. Full bump, spec, colour, stencil maps for the earth. A bump map for the water. A cloudmap that casts shadows onto the earth. And a colour ramp that controls the atmosphere.

Blend file: (Big. Nearly 10 megabytes with all textures)

Hey nice blend [email protected] I played around with it and came up with this: But for some reason I don’t get the atmosphere glow like you got in your pic. What did I do wrong?

P.S. I can’t figure out how to get your skymaps to work properly. Could you PM me a step by step?

Ok, The best way to figure out the glow is to look at the ramp settings. The setup is very basic.

Important things to remember. Use “Normal” as the ramp input, and make sure that the second colour has the alpha turned right down.

One other thing, because I used a second slightly larger sphere as the cloud layer, I also added a replica colour ramp to that as well.

Ok, now to the skymaps which are easy. First load your skymap texture into one of the world texture slots, then turn on the option “real”. Now in the texture and input tab, choose “sphere” and then lastly turn on “Hori” in the Map to tab. Thats it, they will now map correctly.


Forgot to mention that if you are using Angular maps, you should use the “Angmap” option instead of “sphere”

Oh ok, thanks for the help, I’ll try this. Any new skymaps going to be comming soon?

[email protected], this is what I get when I tried what you said about the sphere mapping:

How do I make the horizon come down farther?

.:[email protected]:.

You have it correctly applied. and this is a problem that I’ve been trying to get the coders to fix – right now you can’t lower the start of the horizon.

See here for a bit more info on the problem:

there is a python script for it here that is used to generate planets.

its called “blender world forge”

since when ?
can you tell me what version of wforge you use?

Great! %| :-?