Any good/popular audio editing forums?


I’m starting to get into audio editing, and was wondering if anyone knows a good audio forum. The ones I found are not so popular, so replies take ages.:frowning:

I’m a sound designer, and I don’t really know of any- but since this is the off topic area- you probably could ask a few questions here…

Oh so it’s the same one as this page?:
lol. Good times. And I still don’t believe in the evolution theory.:wink:

LOL so that was you. I dont want you to think that im trying to get you to believe in it. My only opinion was that your arguments were very weak. So weak that they were laughable. We took it a little too far on that website and I do apologize. You seem like a nice guy. If you need help with audio sign up and ask questions. There are many knowledgeable people on there.

It’s cool man. I do realise that my arguments were a bit weak, but I have better ones now. Just to let you know, I don’t hold grudges against people. My religious nut-case instincts remind me that in my religion, I should not hold grudges against people, because people do have their ups and downs at times.:yes:

I do audio editing. I am a Voice Over Actor and have the tools to do any editing, mastering, etc. that is needed. Drop me a PM.

Sure. Thanks a lot man!

Glad that you got your issue sorted out!

I wish it was.:frowning:

Sorry to jump on your thread but I saw this and wondered Would any of you audio editors be willing to give me a hand? I have no clue what i am doing. I have very short 30 second audio clips i need edited. I would appreciate it very much!!

Thanks in Advance

Thanks for this, I will visit it. In a fact, will you provide your result works here? Will be thankful for this.

Your description, “I have 30-second clips that I need edited,’” actually says zero point zero about what your need actually is.

Although at first I questioned whether a CG graphics forum might be the best place to start, well, game development definitely involves audio.

Probably the best place to begin, then, is for you to fully define your problem: what source material do you have, what final result do you require, in what context do you need to apply this final result, and do you have money to spend?

“Details” are everything in a situation like this. (Fully understanding that there are a great many things that you don’t know …) Please tell us in detail what you do know. (“Other than $numbers$ … that can wait.”) Be as specific as you can be, both about what is known about the project and what is as-yet uncertain. Focus on “what you know that you need right now,” deferring the matter of “how exactly to get it done” so that this doesn’t sidetrack your description of the requirement.

  • This is what I’ve got.
  • This is what I need.
  • This is why I need it and how-and-where I intend to use it.