Any good ragdoll tutorials?

I’d like to create a high-quality ragdoll demo, but I’m having a hard time finding information on Blender’s ragdoll abilities. All the ragdoll demos I’ve seen use the “rigid-body-joint” feature, and have primitive “cube-looking” dolls. Is this the best way to build ragdolls in blender (rigid body joints between different objects)?

With rigid-body joints I would need to overlay each ragdoll object (collision) with another graphics-only object (non-collision)…very tedious. It seems much nicer to have the armature of my character provide the ragdoll features.

If rigid bodies is the way to go, does anyone have tips on getting the dolls arms/legs/etc. to function more realistically…basically, have full range of motion without being able to twist it’s head around like the exercist girl, or legs face the opposite way.

Also, does anyone know what the different settings in the rigid body constraints tab do?..

Blender 2.44: Object Constraints Tab - set to Generic (Experimental)
LinMinX,Y,Z (for elastic effect, maybe?)
LinMaxX,Y,Z (for elastic effect, maybe?)
AngMinX,Y,Z (?)
AngMaxX,Y,Z (?)

Thanks ya’ll.

rumor has it that BGE may have ragdoll effects in the near future…

So rigid body constraints is not considered Ragdoll effects? What is considered “true” ragdoll effects?

I think that they are talking about skinned rag doll.

It is possible now, but crazily more complicated than is useful. basically you would a cube rag doll, and an armature. you would also have an action for each bone, and an extra bone (with another action) for all of those bones. the actions would simply be a rotation IPO. than you would need a python script that took the locations of all your cubes, and convert that to angles on the x and y axis. you would then set that angle to values controlling “property” action actuators on all of the bones…

if you understood that, than you also understand why i’m not taking the time to make an example. if you didn’t, you understand why i’m not taking the time to make an example. :slight_smile:

wow, sounds intense but do-able…maybe…hmmm i’ll have to think about it for awhile.

So, its called “skinned ragdoll” because the armature is moving the skinned object (with a lot of help from scripting, of course).

yeah. basically, it is the same as the block rag doll, except the blocks are invisible, and the bones copy the blocks rotation. maybe I’ll make a simple chain example.

ok. I finished the example. it turned out pretty funny, so i gave it its own thread.

cross post

as you can see, it is super complicated for just a 2 bone chain. I would wait until blender is supposed to be able to do this before actually using it. but this may work for something like the end of a belt, or a scarf, ect.

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