Any good reading on physically based render engines?

Hi everyone,
I am relatively new to physically based rendering & unbiased render engines. So I would be glad if you can provide me with links to some nice article for some general reading on this type of rendering technique. I tried to Google hunt some but didn’t find anything fairly detailed. I am aware some concepts like black body radiation (coz i learned that in physical chemistry) but I dont know what has that to do with a rendering.

Thank you

Try this. You can also check the LuxRender wiki:

thanxx. giving it a reading just now.

It depends on what you want to learn. If you just want an intro to something like LuxRender (my personal favorite), just read the LR Documentation.
If you want the background, the math, code, etcetera, LuxRender is based on PBRT. PBRT (Physically Based Rendering, from Theory to Implementation) covers everything from math, to code, the basic explanations. I bought the book, it is quite educational (however, it is a textbook, so expensive).

And if you have questions, IRC is always here. #luxrender.

Oh no i dont want to learn the internal working of rendered. As i said some general reading, i meant something which covers all the features of an avg. Physically based render. Any ways thanxx, i was going through luxwiki and visited the lux irc yesterday and with some really cool guys on irc I learned a bit about luxrender.