Any good sources for ffmpeg/blender config info?

Are there any good links to ffmpeg/blender related configuration info?

I’ve built blender2.5 from svn, and I’ve configured it to use a local copy of ffmpeg that I’ve built on my system (from svn as well).

I’m running this on Ubuntu Karmic and while it runs fine, there are very few codecs available at my disposal for rendering out video from blender. I get a lot of ‘Error initializing video stream’ messages for the vast majority of codecs.

I’m assuming this is a problem with my ffmpeg configure script and possibly the settings of in my blender build. I thought I had settings which would allow things like h264/x264 and theora, but they’re not working. I’ve really been monkeying with them without a full understanding of how it should work (well that’s a surprise).

I want to educate myself on this stuff. Any good places you might point me to?

Hey, you’re getting further than me if your able to compile using a localised FFMPEG build I’ve failed to get Blender to build that way for months. :slight_smile: The 2.5 Bug Tracker has a couple of bugs I raised and Xat’s patch which has been in Blender’s svn sometime should solve the problems I had, but still you may gain a bit of info from the bug tracker FFMPEG entries.

But the error message I think is when you are trying to encode. What FFMPEG configure line did you use, did you enable x264 for example? The error message may be due to encoder settings and/or resolution settings in Blender rather than problems with your FFMPEG build.

I’ve ended up just using a PPA repository called ‘Cutting Edge Multimedia’ that gives many up to date svn packages for FFMPEG, x264, VLC etc saving problems with self compiling.