Any good tutorials on modeling humanoid robots?

I’m after a tutorial aimed towards teaching me to model a humanoid robot like character.

Im after more skinless terminator T800 than Bender, and not overly Anime/Manga in look or feel… If any one has played the Rifts role playing game and seen some of the images of full conversion cyborgs in the source books, that is the direction I’m heading in…
I know thats a tad overly specific… but fingers crossed :slight_smile:


Well, a good way to go is to design the robot that you want first, and then figure out how to model it in the computer. If you are doing this purely as a learning experience, I would recommend reading the manual on the modeling tools, and also view other tutorials about modeling.

Once you understand the modeling tools, you can model whatever you want so long as you have sketches for reference.

I have read the manual and followed tutorials.

Whats with all the “Read the manual” replies that keep flying round this forum? it’s not useful (unless the question is uber newbie and obviously answered directly in the manual) and makes anyone reading the post think that because the previous poster fobbed the OP off as a non-manual-reading-n00b that he must be one and his post is not worthy of responding to :frowning: … so infact it’s very counter-productive… almost to the point of sabotaging the thread!

There are many different ways to get the same effect and the advice, tips and tricks passed on in tutorials and guides is often invaluable… Plus tutorials are to the point and, if on the subject you want, very concise.

There is a reason tutorials are out there and that people spend the time making them… So when some one asks for one, how about not saying “RTFM!!! thats all the info you will ever need” and actualy helping (if you can).

Thank you.

/Edit: Sorry i dont mean to sound rude… but i’ve asked 2 question on this forum so far the first was linked to the manual (which didn’t answer my queries and I had already read) And now this one which is basicly “Read the manual and do some tutorials”… and I’m finding it a little frustrating.

Well, it has worked out for many people, including myself. When you go
beyond noob-stage, there is no way to make a tutorial for every single
thing you can do with blender at this point. It’s impossible.
Instead, you need to take everything you learn from tuts and manuals,
and use that, while you slowly start doing things all by yourself. In the
end, you can model a robot without even looking at a tutorial at all…

All experienced 3D-artists have “RTFM”, gone through tuts, and eventually
explored blender entirely for themselves to become what they are today.
Rome wasn’t built in 1 day…
Go - get your hands dirty! Learn various modelling techniques from tuts
and manuals. Try modelling the robot for yourself.

It’s not that hard - it’s actually great FUN!!!
//The M.h.p.e.

I’ve got another one:
Just fuckin’ google it!