Any good webcomics made in 3D software?

I’m just curious, do you know any comics made with 3D softwares? doesn’t matter which one, I’m just curious as I’m planning to make one myself :slight_smile:

Same here. It would be nice to get some good examples.

This topic almost reminded me of the Calvin and Hobbes reproduction that was featured on the top row a while back.

(Link for those who don’t know what I’m talking about) :

EDIT: I misread the title as “Made in 3d” rather than “Made in 3d software”. Two completely different things.

It certainly is possible, but I don’t see the advantage of making a webcomic with 3d software over just drawing everything out, especially if you plan to have an adventure story where the characters travel to many different locations and backgrounds will only be used for a few pages. It would certainly help redrawing characters over and over again though, but unless you’re aiming for photorealism (which doesn’t really work in webcomics well) or doing an animation (making tens of thousands of frames for a twenty minute episode), then there isn’t really much of an advantage using 3d software over 2d hand drawing.

So the one I’m making features this main character

, a humanoid racoon with several mental disorders like paranoia and social anxiety…etc, and one “unique” trouble with people’s faces
I have the main story in mind but I haven’t written it in details yet
This is my current work progress on the living room in a night environment

Any advices?

Thanks @The Omnilord
I’m actually planning to make it 3D just because it’s the only media I’m good at right now, I don’t know if the plot will be very interesting but at least I’ll try :slight_smile:

Double posting because relevant

I found a webcomic that uses Blender character models as a base to be drawn over to save time, but most of it is still hand drawn. If you’re interested in how it is done, the link is above.

Edit: As for your pictures, it’s a great start, but they’re really grainy. I don’t work with cycles, so I don’t know how to fix that. Also, you may need to work on facial expressions as they look a bit stiff. Human expressions are already really hard to properly capture, but they become even harder if you attempt to work with anthropomorphic characters as they tends to follow a different set of anatomical rules.

Yes, make sure it’s not grainy at all, and get the good shaders and colors also.

It’s up to you if it has to look 3D or not, but I think you should be careful that it doesn’t look too much like something out of a 3D engine, with “basic” 3D models and shading.

Don’t worry, I’ll give it enough time for a noise-free rendering :slight_smile:

I’m aiming for “artistic realism”, stylized with enough realism, the room scene is far from finished and it still needs a lot of work to look acceptable for my taste

I do agree with the room needing a lot of work, but what exactly is “artistic realism” supposed to look like? Are you trying to go for 100% photo-realism or something else? The thing about realism is that it is pretty binary. Something either looks realistic or it looks unrealistic. There’s not much of an in-between (except for the uncanny valley, but that applies towards people and isn’t exactly a kind of style) when it comes to realism. Your post kinda sounds like that you believe realism can be simply added or subtracted from a scene like a simple math equation. Perhaps a picture or example of what you want it to look like can help.

  1. use a game engine… you don’t want to… put yourself through the pain of rendering every shot…
    2.idk about 100% realistic shading in a comic, it always bugs me.

There’s one I love called Free Draw, it’s a manhwa and they haven’t translated it in over a year, but if you know korean…

That’s not a real term, it just explains my philosophy and my favorite way to make art.
What I mean is that I’m not aiming for photorealism and make it look like a photograph or something, because that would be kinda boring (and also harder)
the best example would be games, look for example at this picture . It’s beautiful, it’s realistic, but it’s certainly not photorealistic.
Same example with this , you might be saying “wow, that looks extremely realistic!”, but it’s very different from what you will see in real life.
Take a picture with your camera, you get a photorealistic picture. Import it to photoshop and add something, substract something else, play with the lighting, make the reflections more visible, add contrast…Etc. Be artistic with it! and that’s how you what I mean with “artistic realism”
Sorry if it’s too much talking, I’m not very good at explaining but I hope you understand a little what I mean

  1. I wanted to try that at some point, but my graphics card doesn’t support anything above openGL3.0 and PBR isn’t handled well, I’ll just stick with cycles and be patient, I’m not planning to make it too long this time so I’ll just be patient (and let it work while I’m asleep :slight_smile: )
  2. It’s not exactly 100% realistic shading, I’ll add some effects to it and it will be similar to screenshots from a 3D animation with bubbles, I’m not sure if people will actually find that okay, but I’m willing to try my luck with it :smiley:

You can look through the top comic lists, but most of the comics that I have seen that was done with 3d software tends to be nsfw.

I kinda see what you mean now, but something about the term “artistic realism” really bothers me. It’s like saying “edible potato chips” because a subset of art styles are designed to mimic and copy elements of realism. It’s almost like a tautology. Maybe I’m just nitpicky. :stuck_out_tongue:

As for the art style, is there a specific reason why you want to choose this particular style? For one thing, “artistic” realism is the hardest style to achieve well, and if you don’t do it absolutely perfect, the flaws will be really glaring, especially compared to other styles. Realism doesn’t look inherently better than non photo-realistic styles despite the effort needed to avoid looking like a 3d simulation. Also, as most webcomics use their own non photo-realistic style, many webcomic readers will be put off by the sudden use of realism in a medium populated almost entirely in cartoonish or animesque styled stories.

here is an exaggerated example that I have just finished rendering :

, the bottom one is what I mean by my “artistic realism” thing. let’s just pretend that the one on top is photorealistic lol.

several reasons actually, one of them is that I just like it :wink:
but that’s not the main reason, the main one is that the world in the comic will be viewed exactly as the main character sees it, and he’s schizophrenic, so I’m prepared to break few physics and energy conservation rules :evilgrin:, that also means he has troubles seeing faces and only sees something like a “base mesh” but with more colors like cubism art from the early 20th centuries, and he has a good perception of colors which also explain why everything is not so dull even though he is extremely depressed. I’ll make sure to explain the faces and color things in the intro, so it makes more sense.

Yeah, I know that it would be very weird (especially when @joseph raccoon said that most of the 3D work is NSFW), but I’ll try it and see what happens. I’m not expecting too much from it anyway and it’s just a way to kill time / get more experience :slight_smile:

Okay, I thought I understood it, but the pictures make it even more confusing again :spin:. The only difference between the two that I see is that the bottom one is is tinted more red and yellow and brighter.

As for your choice, you’re the author, so that is ultimately your decision to make. In the end, I guess it doesn’t matter how it is done, just that it is done well. Good luck with making your webcomic.

Sorry! I’m really bad at explaining things. just consider me a weirdo, that would be easier for both of us XD

I share the addon I use to make them here: