any greeble script?

just wondering if any script exists that works like the greeble plugin

l was looking at a good tutorial to create a cityscape over on and the guy uses this plugin.

here are its features;
Creates greebles on object faces. Allows you to ‘draw’ on the object’s faces to create geometry.

Randomised greeble heights between two values
Filter selected faces, so that only faces with a certain number of sides are processed. Useful for not greebling triangular faces for example.

A tesselation option that causes the faces to be ‘broken up’. This increases the randomness of the patterns.

May not suit your definition of greeble:

And Jimmy Haze did a greeble script you can search for. It uses CGKit noise module and was (I think) for 2.28 with the old Python appi.


Two other options you may find useful:

macbuse’s Red Dwarf script:

or, if you want to define the greeblies and apply them randomly,
the city block generator / Beast script might work.

thanks for the links. the beast is especially interesting.