any guides for 2.46 particles system?


I got the essential blender book and as many of you know, it was written for 2.44… I followed through every chapter and I only found little changes. So it was alright…

I played a bit with the 2.46 particle system before reading the book and it seems they are drastically different from 2.44… especially when it tells you how to make hair and fur in the old system… Is there an updated guide to particles for 2.46? I might skip this chapter altogether and read the other one if it exists…


PS: i searched these forums but didn’t get a proper hit.


One of the best places to start with respect to new functionality is the release logs.

Specifically - Here

Best of Luck!

There’s a fur tutorial in blender art 16, but it’s for static images,
and also it’s an older method. :smiley:
I’m trying out the new method, but I can just get it to the point
where I can edit it in particle mode and add fur points,
but the combing or length tools in the particle properties aren’t working yet,
and regardless it renders blank. I’m thinking it’s like a duplivert emitter for now,
until I click the proper switches.
Dupliverts are for cavemen though, compared to how the new system looks.
I found some tutorials on youtube:

thanks OBI_Ron,
i didn’t expect the release notes to be as descriptive :spin:

thanks andy circus, i tend to like reading more as it tells you almost everything, videos are good for starters, but thanks anyway :slight_smile:

that makes two of us. i was wondering where the hid the manual. i was thinking release notes would be a change log which would go right over my head.

No problem, it’s pretty fun.
I like the combing and length tools.
I’m trying to get the physics or keyframe to work right now for animation,
it’s harder to get working than smoke. :smiley:
Air drag does absolutely nothing so far. :smiley: