Any Halo fans?

Well heres some backround on me.My basic weekend consists of nothing but playing Halo2!I was just going some texturing and decided to do this contribute to Bungie(The creators of Halo,Halo2,etc.)
I’m not done with it I plan on making it bigger and adding more pictures.I might even try to make a Mster Chief suit.
Well thanks for your time.Please tell me sugestions but dont be rude about it!:yes: I hope you like it.

Perhaps a render so we don’t have to download and open it?

Its in the GE so you need yo play it to wlak around and see all the different pictures.

Well, i downloaded it but when i opened the .blend file there were no pictures at all. It was all just grey.

Try pressing D then select Texture solid.

so it’s just a 3d walk around with halo pictures on the walls? i recall there being a browser like that where you could select a topic like webcomics and wander around a virtual shopping centre where each of the “shop” fronts was a different webcomic

I’ve never seen that bafore do you have a link?Yeah all you do is walk around and look at the pictures. there’s a url to the wikipedia article for it