Any have any tutorials for modelling Humans?

I was wondering if any one knew of any Lowpoly human creating tutorials specifically for blender, because I’m having a bit of trouble, my humans look craptastic! :smiley:

OTO made one. do a search for ‘stella toon’.

It’s the tutorial for the girl Stella right, thanks though.

torq made a male low poly human that was at one time available for download. He was was very low poly and straightforward, so you could just study the mesh, but I’m not alltogether sure where you would start. you might pm torq and ask him if it’s still up i guess.

I’ll do that.

kos has written a human modelling tutorial series – it appears to be exactly what you are looking for:


Thanks for trying to help but I’m looking for low poly modeling tuts because I use models for real time use in games, the cartoon one looks nice and I’ll probably PM Torq tomorrow.