Any Haynes carbook's experience?

Hi all

Just ordered (ok the 15th of this month) Car Restorer’s Manual from the publisher, but does anyone have experience with one (or more) book(s) from this publisher?

Yeah I’ve used them a couple of times. They are generally pretty good. Sometimes it’s hard to match up the pictures with your car in order to find a specific area of the engine, especially if the engine is tightly packed but they have blow-apart diagrams and things to help so you find things eventually.

Very good manuals. There are two main publishers of car manuals around, but Haynes is the best in my opinion - very detailed. I’ve used them extensively on several cars - overhauled engines, gearboxes, restoration jobs and just general services.
I haven’t done much work on cars for about ten years now, but I beleive that if you are a practical sort of person, with a good manual on your side (Haynes:) ) then you could do almost anything on that car. Just make sure you follow every point to the letter.


From my experience, the Haynes manuals are better than their Clymer counterparts.

Lol, I ordered it last saturday, expected shipping time 2-3 weeks, and recieved it today.
Or it is wrong stated on the site.
Anyway looking good

It has helped me work on my beast, '93 Toyota Tercel. I’ve done everything from changing disc pads, drum pads, and oil changes–nothing too major but it has all the info just in case you need it!