Any help welcome

I’m sure this is 2 minutes work for someone who knows what they’re doing. I’ve been tinkering on and off with Blender for a couple of years, and am getting NOWHERE very fast.

I’m trying to make this kind of extrusion in a dome:


When I started trying, I was a young strapping chap, now I’m old with a long beard and birds living in it.

I can manage the first block ( under the small struts ), but that’s about it.

What am I missing?..

This is how I would go about the whole thing:

  1. start with a low-poly dome
  2. subdivide with the sub-d modifier, extrude the blocks
  3. apply some creases, and subdivide once more
  4. add the small struts by insetting extruding and bevelling

dome_extrude.blend (357.8 KB)

Can’t really see what it is in that picture…but here is my best guess…

I would start with either a circle or a cylinder…or a slice of a UV sphere…depends on my mood for the day…
…extrude, scale, etc to get the dome…
There are many ways to go about this …you could select one of the faces where this sits…inset and extrude and/or scale to get that little recess it sits in…delete the inner face and extrude the edges up…on the front edge and extrude the sides just a bit then grab the front vertices and move Z with snapping to vertex on …that will get a bit of taper on the top…Fill the top and back as needed… here are a couple of different examples to illustrate…Helps if you enable Loop Tools addon ( included I think) I used it to make the Circle on the one inset extrusion…

Thanks to both of you, but the problem I’m having is systemic, somehow. Even the instruction ‘insert and extrude’, gives me


Not, what you have. How do you get the top level, and the front vertical?

I really don’t get it, sorry.

After messing around most of the day ( literally ), and merging verts and … I got this far

But now I can’t get the minor struts flat on top, it’s driving me f-ing nuts!

Like I say below, I don’t even get this without hours of struggle


How do you get the damn thing level!?

He shoots, he scores - finally…


I read and re-read your expo about 50 times. As I understand it, you removed the face and rebuilt from the surrounding edge.

Thank you very much.

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I select the faces i want to extrude upwards, press E, and then z twice, this locks the whole thing on the z axis.

After extruding, i press s, then z once and zero to level the top face.

Then I press g, z once, and bring the top face down until it touches the dome one one end(using vertex snapping to get it exact). Then i press M and merge by distance.

I would suggest you watch some tutorials, you learn the basics much quicker that way. For example star here, the guy’s great:

Thank you again for your reply.

I also managed to successfully replicate your method also.

The crazy thing is, I have watched MANY MANY vids. Literally, I have been watching them, and following along, on and off, for years.

I can cut a cylinder through a curved surface and fix the result, and yet I still get stuck with something like this.

I’m not sure if it’s the interface, or something I skipped somewhere, but…