Any help with Quickblend 2.1 please

I made quickblend running as server on my winxp machine, and finaly made the linux machine be found by quickblend but when it comes to rendering the linux machine just keeps rendering over and over the same frames without delivering anything. Quickblend tells that it sends and renders just like it should be but never finishes anything and the redertimes per frame are strange 4 seconds.

I tried several other progs to use the linux as render machine but nothing worked out so far (Im a linux noob btw maybe thats why) IF someone knows a easy to work crossplatform render program, I would like to know too, I tried bfarm, piovra, nitrox .

thx anyone

Edit: With the server added as render machine it worked well and the linux is OpenSuse 10.0

Edit: hmm no one an idea … :frowning:

I give you another chance to help me :smiley:

made piovra running in a decent way, but just like before win-machine = ok , linux-machine = doesnt respond to the wake all , no firewall installes connection between the two are possible and no clue what to do

give your best :smiley:

and again thx to all the nice replies … :wink:

today I gave Nitrox another try and it workes pretty well except for the rendered images not beeing passed to the host nor to the wanted directory specified by the host if rendered on the host. So it seems to be a blend render directory problem. First Nitrox cant change the blendfile renderpath second how do I set the directory in the blend file that all machines render it to the right place ?

… hope this problems are solvable by anyone :wink:

thx all