Any idea for smoke in bge?


I’am a neewby trying to test the bge for a serious game.
My need is: people moving in a scene and get hurt when in smoke.
So far the only solution I found is semi-transparent cubes.
Not very nice. Any one has an idea to make it look better?


look for fire or particle fire. They often come with smoke.
To detect if objects “touch” the smoke you can use a collision or touch sensor.

Usually it is just a halo-plane with alpha :wink:

it is 2.49 but the principles are still the same:
I guess you need a slightly different material settings:
Fading and Transparency for all Shading modes

You got a irregular little cloud with the technique I mentioned here: nebula_03blend.blend (590 KB)

I certainly would not recommend enabling collision for all the particles. Instead, it would probably be better to create a volume that approximates the area of the smoke, and use that for collision testing.

Kupoman: indeed you are right, it would be much more efficient.