Any idea when will exports start working in blender 2.8?

I work in big game studio where we do use blender for production but only on a basic level. Blender 2.8 seems like a very good piece of software that could make a big difference for us and be used on a more serious level. Although I am still on guard with performance issues it would be awesome to export models and test them in game directly without blender 2.7 <=> 2.8 craziness. So my main question is when will 2.8 have export to fbx and obj?

I don’t know.
Actually , i copy paste meshes from 2.8 to 2.7 to export them

Pablo said in a video that the team of Spring is already working with exporters in 2.8. So i guess that its there already. Maybe see if needs activation in the addons/preferences

Python based exporters (all of them) will probably work after the python API stabilizes, date given is september 19, so hopefully around october 20 these exporters will work ok.

Remember… using 2.8 at production at this stage can be harmfull to your heath… And even 2.80 will probably be like the 2.50 of the old times: buggy and unfinished, but development will not stop there.

(The dates???

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