any idea why any new lamp does not illuminate the geometry???

when ever I add a lamp to the scene as you can see here there is no light ?!

I never experienced that ever before!

C’mon. It takes seconds from an experienced user like yourself to replace the meshes with a cube, and seconds to check the file still contains the problem, and then upload that. You don’t want people guessing all the reasons why it might not show up because you didn’t know to contain the reason in the shot, and you’re running a development version so it could be valuable to test the file on multiple systems like the bug reporting instructions say.

Nothing todo with the mesh.

I made a sun lamp and a new plane on an empty layer. Renders fine sun illuminates mesh plane.
I added a layer with the architecture and nothing is illuminated with the sun.

This rather looks like a serious lightning bug in Cycles!!!

Using instead of sun or arealight a mesh light all works!
And this also works with the default Blend build.

I selectively hide some parts and rendered to see if there is one that triggers it and none found.
After some test the rendering is always black.

Here is the test file to play with if you dont believe me.



I don’t believe you. You’re making it up. Either more fake news or an absolute beginner’s mistake. :stuck_out_tongue:
Here every lamp works as always.
Maybe a chance to Always Fucking Render These Layers (addon)

It has nothing to do with believing what you say, it’s about having the information to actually work with the issue instead of staring your image and come up with the guesses that likely have nothing to do with it.

Didn’t think it had anything to do with mesh, that’s why I said to replace them with a cube and test, so you don’t have to upload so many irrelevant objects. Btw. just enabling compress in file -> save as dialog makes the .blend a .gz file without renaming the file, and this one it compressed to 2.1MB which is smaller than the .zip with 2.7MB, and it’s transparent to the user with no need to unpack it first.

I was able to replicate the issue with the file

For me the issue was with Plane.011 object and all objects that share the same data. The location for those is something unusual

I selected the plane, selected objects that share the data with shift+L -> object data, alt+G to reset location, and it renders. Also tried with the develoment version and rechecked with the file that you uploaded.

This is why the file is important. Couldn’t guess these things, and even if one could, there are a plethora of other things in that list.

Perhaps check on your end if that helps. No idea how those locations got there though. I’m assuming -nanm means not a number in meters but negative. Or, alternative interpretation is that it was moved so far back that it went back in time (Not A Number).

did a bit more digging. Google search for
“nan cycles” gave this and
“nan location” gave this rejected report
developers might be interested in a test file, especially if you can figure out where those came from


I remember on the Mac selecting meshes started to fail. It selected not what I clicked onto.

Nice find about the NAN - I never even heard of it - in all my years thats the first time.

Good the file is saved so the devs can a look at it. I have to see if fixing this also fixes
the issue with selecting objects under OS X.

It might also explain why Render.ST had GPU crashes.

Thanks a lot !!!

I have eve no idea how I modeled those three positions? they are rotated evenly …

It is strange. A misbehaving addon perhaps

not sure - put I opened a new bug report for them to look into.

Should link to it so others can try on their systems and comment

True - while I swear since I use Blender which is 2000 I never saw this issue ever !!!

I found Blender and Cycles to be extremely stable.