any ideas for 'strope lite effect'

Hi…I have searched here but can’t seem to find a solution. My Design students are working on an animated ‘ride’ through muliple rooms and would like to have a coaster-car enter a room with a ‘strope light effect’ that starts when entering and shuts off when leaving. Any simple solutions for creating this effect?:spin:
thanks alot

how about keying layers for your lamp object. have it moving back and forth from layer 5 to layer one or so. just set a couple keyframes, and then set the extend mode of your animation curve to ‘cyclic extrapolation’

hey there Modron…thnks for the quick reply - i’ll try your suggestion and let you know how things go.

Keyframe the energy setting to the light & then cyclic extend it.

That’s what I would have done.

I guess that would be quicker.