Any ideas how I can create this kind of window film effect?

Hi all! I’m trying to create a patterned window film similar to the one pictured below.

I have some ideas of creating some roughness/transparency/normal maps. But there are some parts of the pattern that catch light better than others, and the highlights seem dynamic to the light source itself. I suppose there could be some dimensions to the pattern that interferes with how light is refracted?

How would you approach this? Any leads would be appreciated!

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Which render engine are you using?
There are different approaches depending on the render engine.

Thanks for replying. I’m currently using cycles, but I’d also love to learn about the idea with eevee.

An easy way would be to search for a Vector Floral Tileable texture, there are many free ones available…

Then I used materialize to make the height map and normal map…then created a node set-up something like this…(EeVee) ( included the separate output with height map for Cycles )

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IMO the flowers have a lower roughness than the background - but they also have displacement, that’s why they seem to catch the light and ‘glint’ more.


Exactly as @moony said.
Just my 2 cents here. Studying the source is always a good idea, how we can replicate it in 3D.

I am not sure, but I guess they sand the in-between regions. With a normal mask for lower parts, it can be separated, adding some noise.
The upper parts (a reach here), but you may add a distoeted voronoi, with wave or directional noise in the cells. You can use the voronoi colour as rotation, to somewhat replicate the waves in the flowers. Of course it will go with a lower (shinier) roughness.

So, lot of room to tweak, and experiment here :blush:

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Two glass shaders one with a ‘high’ roughness, the other with a normals image, mixed with a mask produce this. The suzanne head is progressively closer to each glass pane:

The HDRI/lighting has a big effect on how this will actually look so experimentation is essential.