Any ideas on how to rig a car?

so, i have this model:

and i want to use it for an animation.
if anyone knows a simple way to rig a car, i would be more than glad if you could share it.
Yusuf Raja

Hello… Anyone here?..

Unless you’re planning on animating the suspension, or the engine, rigging a car is trivial.
Wheels translate and rotate. Doors rotate. That’s it. I wouldn’t even bother with a rig, just use parenting relationships.

What is it about the car that you want to animate? Wheels turning as it moves? Wheels driving the movement? Doors/hood/trunk open and close? Suspension movement? All of these are different, some easy, some harder to do, depending on the situation. All of them can be accomplished with rigging, although as @dudecon said, some are quite trivial and don’t need rigging at all.

It sounds like you want to rig it with full suspension and use physics to drive it, etc. In that case, find a good tutorial on rigging a vehicle and use that to build the rig. You should start out with a simple rig and make it better AFTER you get more familiar with the physics engine.

All I’m going for is just really the weeks moving and spinning as the car drives. I have looked for tutorials, but none are actually good.

I just figured it out.
I feel like an idiot.
Forget about this thread, and thanks for the help anyway
I feel so dumb