Any ideas on what could i use for doing mocap?

What software or addon can I use to do motion capture? in blender 2.9x or 2.8?
Preferably I want free software/addon the can generate a rig from a video and export it as a .dae or any other 3D format supported by blender.
how i don’t have a Kinect I will have to use my camera or a video
In the past, I tried using IP soft motion capture studio and recorder but it’s too slow.
Any help is appreciated!

Hi, there’s a new one on the block at Blender Market called ‘Faceit’ but you need an iphone X to go with it. I’m pretty sure it’s for facial mocap only but may be wrong.
We use FaceShift (win10 - no longer available) and kinect v1 with good results, Re-face add-on for shape key driver mapping and bvh/fbx libraries for bodies from CMU and Mixamo.