Any ideas to make it more appealing/realistic?

after receiving all the helpful advice :smiley:, here’s the Final one.(not post processed)
and i’ve also added another one with alternate lightings and background.(not post processed)
which one looks better? :thinking:

the seagull from “seagull v1” ( by Julian Johnson-Mortimer is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution (
tweaked some materials to give it a translucent look.

piano from blenderkit addon

cloud Photo from

Model from MustardSFM


Is this your work?

If so, imo, it is already looks amazing. Maybe some work with the colors could’ve done some things better, but I’m not sure. Try to add some shadows where it’s possible

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yes! i’ve updated the post for authenticity.

shadows :ballot_box_with_check:
colors :ballot_box_with_check:
all right I’ll look into it! thanks a bunch!

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I like the image. One thing I noticed is that the reflection near her feet is absolutely still - I’m sure there should be a little disturbance in the water there?

PS: perhaps you’d get more feedback if you moved this topic to the #artwork:focused-critiques category.

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ohh yves! I completely overlooked that! thanks for pointing it out! :hugs:
I’ve updated the topic to focused critiques, thanks a bunch! :heart:

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I like it! Imo just the piano doesn’t have the same sun light/ reflections as the character.


all right noted! al though I made another render of it, which one seems better,?(ill post process it later)

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I would go with the materials and depth of field from the new render, but leave the camera at the height it was in the first render. Right now, the reflections in the water are lost because the camera is too low and it’s hard to tell there even is water.

Also, did you remove the sun light in the new one? I think it looked better with the light, now there is no shadow in the image.

In the original render, I can see some square patterns in the water reflection. I can’t be certain without looking at your scene, but this looks like a texture filtering problem to me. Are the waves done with an image texture used as bump? If yes, you might want to change the texture’s filtering (where it says “linear” on the image texture node, change it to “cubic”).


as for water refractions - yep, now it’s much better

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To me, the image is abstract, “and that’s okay, too.” The image works very well (IMHO) as originally presented. There does come a point when you simply need to package something in shrink-wrap and send it out to the world as “finished.” It’s possible to “tinker” with something indefinitely.

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first of all thanks for your time!
I’ve adjusted the height of the camera
changed the resolution cause the sky was getting cropped.
I changed the water, at first it was noise with bump. then i replaced noise with Musgrave
the main(first) shot was a spot light with 1MW
and the second was with just sun light

i added both lights in this one cause the piano was not cooperating with just spot light!

weird shading issue going with 2 seagulls, (i’ll correct it in next render)
lemme know if anything else i need to change,


TBH I don’t even like this work of mine🙏🏼…
To me it looks bland, and synthetic… there’s zero realism…:pleading_face:

The character is far from real so no matter how you improve the rest of it, the characters will hurt the realism.

The bird wings almost all feel too stiff.


I thought the surreal, bland aspect of it is exactly what makes it work.

There are a few details that could be made more realistic if that is what you seek.

  • The character’s hair is the main thing that looks unrealistic to me. Is it made with textured planes? It sure has the typical look. Something that can help this kind of hair is to modify the texture so it has a little bit of wavyness, it helps to break the obvious strands. If that’s still not good enough, you would have to do the hair using the actual hair system + principled hair bsdf, as that will allow more realistic shading.

  • The shirt seems like it has no structure. By that, I mean real clothes have seams and folded parts that are sewn together. They aren’t just a basic shape draped over the character. Also, it looks like it’s floating and could likely look better with a cloth simulation.

  • The woman’s proportions look a bit stylized, with the waist looking really thin.

  • In real life, sky color has a gradient that becomes brighter towards the horizon (but it depends on what you are trying to make here).

I think the piano looks great. The birds are fine, though the ones near the camera might be stealing the show from the rest of the image.


Then I’m not gonna follow the realistic look in this perticular post anymore. I am totally novice in character making, and this isn’t my character, but I’ve noted your advice and will keep this in mind for future projects…Thank you!..:heart::hugs:

Hmmm … Does it look atleast presentable?..
I’m not gonna make anymore changes then and keep it…
But im gonna keep these points you’ve made in mind for the next project :pleading_face::heart:

A big Thanks Again for your time!!:heart:
I’m grateful :hugs:

I like v2 best. I like that the 2 large seagulls are not infront of the cloud in that version making them stand out more.

Im not sure about the sticks.

I would maybe up the saturation of the woman and piano a little. The sky is super saturated… it wouldbe good for the focus to match that.

I dont think this image is realisic, but i do think it looks amazing.

Yes. It looks a bit stylized rather than realistic, but that is fine. It has artistic value and in the end, that’s the important part.


Alrighty!!! Thanks mate🤗

Really good work, I like it!

I like the dof and the reflections.

The one thing I see missing is a gradient on the sky color. Isn’t the sky lighter at the horizon than it is directly overhead? Wouldn’t that help you define where the horizon is?

Just a thought,

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