Any ideas what I did wrong?

I’m following the tut at:

Basically what I had to do was delete half of the apple I made and then use a mirror modifier. So I did that but I just got two halves of the apple. They weren’t joined.

Any ideas?.

I’ve attached a .blend.



applehelp.blend (363 KB)

did no see it but if not joinded
thenit’s probably cause you need to set the center to the edge of the 1/2 apple

did you do that before applying the mirror modifier ?


How do I do that?.


Easiest way in this case is to select clipping in the mirror modifier settings. Then in edit mode select all vertices and drag along the X axis so it overlaps the mirrored mesh. Stop pressing with your mouse then drag back again. You may have to unselect clipping again if some verts are clipped to the centre that shouldn’t be there.

but before make certain that the edge is straight

so select all vertex on edges and scale X (or Y or Z ) 0 to align in straight line

then select one vertex on the edge then Alt-S and select cursor at location then space bar to search " origin"
and select new center cursor to have the center at that vertex

and then you can apply the mirror to it and it should be aligned at the center of the apple

hope it helps


I got it working!. It’s been a while since I used the mirror modifier. Forgot about bringing them together.

Thanks to both of you!.