Any improvement in Blender 2.7 to increase CPU usage for cloth sims?

I’m running a 12-core Mac Pro with 64 GB memory, but I’m working harder than my computer on these cloth sims…
How do I please enable OpenMP for my cloth sims in Blender 2.7? What am I missing here?

OpenMP is enabled in the official builds from It is not enabled in buildbot and some graphicall builds. (and the wiki instructions on building it yourself do not have it. This is all because OpenMP is not supported by Apple’s Clang distribution so additional environment setup is needed)

Assuming you are using an OpenMP build, there’s not much else you can do. Cloth isn’t as easily threaded as some other types of sims. If you google “multithreaded cloth sim” you can find threads like yours for pretty much every 3D app. Here’s one of the Maya devs talking about it, if you’re curious:

My little brother lives in Portland. Thanks for the info; it looks like I’m sort of stuck then… But your link gave me an idea, thank you. Though Duncan talks about Maya, I’m going to try his advice but on Blender, turning off self-collision and upping cloth collision. We will see. Are you really a ninja?

I am interested in this as well. Cloth simulations still take a lot to bake in 2.7, and threading would probably improve that a lot. Fluid simulation is thankfully multi-threaded by now, and I hope the same can be done for particle and cloth dynamics too sometime!