Any info on importing models from Xbox360?

Hi everyone its been a while! I apologize in advance if this is in the wrong area (please move to right place if so) but i have been puzzled even after a lot of digging. I found a single web post about it but didnt offer conclusive results. I am looking to pull the environment from the Xbox 360 game known as Castlevania: Lord of Shadow. This game has incredibly beautiful environments that are beyond most games that ive seen. Id like to pull the games environment for the purpose of studying how they made it so realistic and how they emulate the look of a vast world even though its HIGHLY linear.
I will NOT be using the ripped models in any work I end up doing, this simply is for studying it in detail.

This video shows one part youll see what I mean, Scroll to the 12:00 mark.

Here is a small scale yet still powerful space of imagery. Starts at 3:25

Any help would be highly appreciated. again this is not to use the models and such for a project simply for educational purposes.