Any interest in an iOS version of BGE?

One thought that came to mind is since I have a MacBook dev system maybe it would be a good idea for me to work on an iOS port of BlenderPlayer? This is possible because the Android version is going along nicely with an OpenGL ES API already defined. So the project is made easier because of that.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

i’m pretty sure BGE cant be ported to iOS because of licensing reasons…

Like Mokazon said: I’m afraid that such a project is impossible though, because I thought I heard that the iOS system puts a ban on open source in general as Apple would simply not allow much of anything they may not be able to have a fair amount of control over. (In which I think this even extends to languages like Python).

Yea, this was my initial thought when I saw this thread. Its a shame as the iOS market is rather attractive, but the bge is good enough without this feature. If it was to be added, then yay, but I doubt it will happen any time soon.

But if you have already done your research and have found that there aren’t too many issues with licensing, performance etc… then hell yea, go for it. A fast route for blender to iOS store would make some serious ripples in the mobile development community.

Also, selling builds of blender to ‘try’ out features… I dunno man. This to me sounds like charging beta testers, which in my books is a no-go for something like this. But maybe I misunderstood what you were saying. If you charge for the finished product, then yea I think people would buy it. iOS store can be a very lucrative journey.

It would be amazing if there was an iOS port, because you’re right, that’s where the money is (for small games). I would donate if it ever does go ahead.

I don’t really understand, why start a new game engine for that, while there is already GameKit? If many people really interested to develop game using blender for iOS, wouldn’t be better to just improve compatibility between BGE < - > GameKit? And make it easier to use of course.
The fast workflow of Blender and BGE for level creation (also with working logic bricks), combined with Ogre as the render engine. At least that way the licensing issue is a little bit clearer, i think.

So, if you’re trying to make a new commercial game engine based on GameKit, then go for it. But if you want to try creating a new open source game engine, i think it will be better to support GameKit’s development instead. Just a thought.

Someone working for GameKit already tried that in the past. It seems like the project was too difficult/ time consuming for him, so he didn’t finished it. I hope you can get better luck if you really want to try that.