Any interest in BGE Handheld port?

Since the BGE is getting more interesting developments I have been thinking of fun projects to do with it.
Sago and Chris Plush are both keen on making games for handhelds, and I like the sound of it too. But the big names (Nintendo DS and PSP’s etc) are entangled in the usual SDK non-disclosure crap.
I was thinking it would be cool to port the BGE to a Linux HandHeld.

Such as or, Also see and

Supporting spesific hardware is risky and Im sure a lot of people would be interested in this but never buy a handheld to play the BGE, (remember blender on the IPAQ?) still cool stuff, and if the handheld is 600mhz, running linux with OpenGL accel, it might not be so hard.
Id also want to support more then 1 device if possible so as not to be too limiting on the userbase, 2 or more linux/ARM based systems.

This could be a smaller goal for a future open-game project.

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This would be awesome! But if we could port Apricot to Wii, PS2,3, Xbox, DS, Gameboy, or something would be awesome! And if One big Co. said that they make games for these consoles and said they would take any quality game, pay you, and make it commercial…Oh man, in our dreams, in our dreams, :smiley: It would be so cool…

what i really would like to have on a handheld (like on a pda or on the nokia n810) is a 3d modeler app. nothing sort of fancy: max 24k polys, ngons, proper knife and tweak, edgeloops, subsurf, bevel and proportional editing with a unique interface which allows me to use only the stilus and one hand while im holding the device with the other. im off topic, sorry…
it would be cool to be able to play bge games on handhelds so im all for it.

Couldn’t you just (I can’t cause I don’t have an intel) import the pbxproj file from the source and open it in the iPhone xcode SDK and build it? Or can’t iPhone run C. If so it you just couldn’t use hot-keys.

Regarding Nintendo etc, I dont think its possible… whenever I ask people who know more then me about this stuff - (Crystalspace guys), they say so - Cant even to release opensource code you write using their API’s, This came up a lot at the start of Apricot.

Iphone is probably too expensive for a gaming handheld? the gp2x is ~170USD- but if enough people have them, it could be worth supporting.

Id prefer to have it running on a device thats under $200,
the these handhelds are great for playing emulators too, which is currently their main attraction (not totally legal).
If an ARM port of the BGE could be done in under 2 months and maintaining it wasnt too much of a PITA, it could be worth doing.

PS - not suggesting using blender on a handheld, just playing games that need ~6 keys,

I’d rather get an iPhone build. Think of the possibilities =D You can “draw” your model. You could zoom by pinching the screen and rotate by placing 2 fingers on and moving. You could use the direction detect in the ge to rotate it forward to move up, etc, etc, etc!

It’d be sick.

hrm. well IMHO blender on IPAQ and WinCE both flopped - nobody really cared.
If you want a handheld for modeling, better write your own 3D app that does a limited amount of stuff and is designed to be used on the iphone or whatever.

Also, if sombody wanted to make a start - Try getting blender running on debian with QEMU emulating a ARM cpu.

Not 100% certain, but I think you could do it legally for the GBA (at least I know there are open source tools and most of the hardware has openly available documentation). Of course there are RAM issues and the whole it doesn’t have any native 3D support and the processor is probably a little slow, but whats wrong with a challenge? :evilgrin:

yeah I think that blender GE is great for handheld game dev - too bad about the legal issues for the DS

I think Iphone would be cool also

GBA is not happening 16mhz, less then 512k memory-

By the way, installing debian arm now, was amazed in less then 5min debian was connected to the network running in QEMU for arm.
This tutorial is spot on

Hmm…Maybe we could port it to a REALLY old system. Not REAALLLY old but old. It’s kinda obvious GBA can’t handle 3d but Playstation ONE may have a chance. Sony doesn’t really care you know? Maybe one of us WORK at one of these companies! (then we’d have no time to get on the forums) but imagine, Ton walks up to the CEO of Nintendo and says, “I pronounce a open source game channel of employees paid by uh…uh…some millionaire with a heart” :smiley:

There is alreat Blender game engine running for the PS1, it even loads blend files, but Ton cant release… Im not even kidding :slight_smile:

yes! gp2x and openpandora are awesome opensource goodness! :3

Yeah, I think I’ve heard of it before, bummer, that would be cool. :frowning:


EDIT: I see ideasman42 already provided a link for this… but advertisement works best when repeated!!

wow , imagin that i can play my blender games on my PSP !!! , that would be cooo…OOool [yes , this amount of Os] .

well you don’t need to use the official SDK, could just be homebrew stuff. homebrew is pretty popular these days, I am sure it would get support from outside the blender community. dreamcast :slight_smile:

BGE on the gp2x is unlicly to be that usable. It has no 3D acceleration.

Regarding lack of hardware accel, gp2x would only run fairly simple games, its successor has openGL 2.0 ES, so ofcourse it would be much nicer to use that once its released.

As for pimping gp2x and friends, I think its important that people know linux handhelds exist and that its possible to release blender on it. without having to break licenses or crack their hardware. Users may not care Id prefer to get software working on devices that are not trying to lock you out.
Btw, Linux on PSP is still very basic -

Rememberthe BGE ALREDY runs on the PS3 without accel, and as far as I know, isnt that popular. So IMHO the device needs to be able to play these games out of the box, without doing any messing about, else it will be confined to a niche.

Some good news, debian even has a package for Blender on ARM CPU’s, Tested last night on qemu. compiling trunk now, so its not as big a deal as Id feared.

Next step is to get the BGE running on some handheld device at a reasonable speed :wink:

on the iPhone the player might be a cool feature to have - while I think not serious for modeling.

I think the PDA idea in general would flop as an alternative for a pc to model onto.
also Blender became so complex today I am curious how far cpu usage are compared to the old versions of blender

I vote that ideasman42 release more info bout’ this:

Ideasman42 said:
There is alreat Blender game engine running for the PS1, it even loads blend files, but Ton cant release… Im not even kidding