Any interest in building a python script library?

I’ve been thinking of putting together a script library for a Blender site I’ve been working on, but I doubt I can make it worthwhile all by myself. I’m hoping there will be some interest in the community to help fill it out. I figure the simplest way is to divide it into Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced.

My first request is for people to post whatever little scripts they have, focusing on using on one thing (creating a global variable, using properties, create a list of objects, etc.), then move on to more advanced stuff (spawning random objects, homing missles, whatever).

Also, if people could post simple questions on how to do anything in python, I can get a list together of what kind of scripts are needed.

So, if there’s any interest, post stuff here, or PM me with scripts. Once I have a good body of scripts, I’ll put the site up and figure out what to do next.