any investors or wannabe investors?

I’ve started a new website: as a resource to collect investors from all over. Those are are very knowledgeable/experts, and those who know very little but want to learn are encouraged to sign up. Also those who are looking for advice on investing, and how to make money on it. Obviously the forum is still in it’s fetal stages, with me being the only member, and therefore only poster.

So if any of you are investment aficionados, gurus, wannabes, or know anybody who is, go on over there. There’s also a section in there regarding sharing warnings and scams related to investment “opportunities”.

Cheers Dude. I’m a small time market player with no more than US $310.00 on the exhange (initially it was around US $400.00.) so yes I’d love to go some where to have a moan about this small time loss . . . when considering that there are folks who invested major mega-bucks so close to and after retirement on the property market which has since partially collapsed due to a lack of buyers of “high-end” property.

Double Post - I registered there as “kbot0” and am the second person to sign up.