any K-3d tuts ?

I have been playing around with k-3d
I cant find any good tuts does any one know of any? this program does look intresting I would like to use it to try out renderman compliant renders. and to try using my own shaders. I can import an .obj from blender and change the color of the shader but thats realy all I can do. k-3d does make a rib when I render so I can render that with pixie (some times) aqsis or 3-delight. seems to work. k-3d will also give me a yafray xml file but I cant get the lights to work so I just get a black render. If any one knows anything or has used k-3d I would like some help learning. Thanks.

I already used a old version of k3d 2-3 years ago…

The only tutorials i know were the ones included in it. They were good, but i dont know if the new version include them.

Never liked that software for modeling, the shaders were hard to deal with but they could give good results.

They only thing i really liked in that software was the rib files, i used it with the amazing (but unfortunately no longer developed) BMRT renderer.

I’m really not an expert of k3d, but if you have some specific questions, maybe i could help you…

(and sorry for the poor english…)