Any LAN setup around here?

Well, as most of us know, there are quite a few (very) good multiplayer setups (but limited to about 5 players with Good ping due to communication issues?) we have here on BA.

But I searched for (and was also wondering) - do we have a (pretty) decent LAN setup (in terms of packet loss percentage, ping and perhaps security?)? (it just has to work on a normal LAN)

I am asking this because I had this (quite useful) idea for playing blender multiplayer online games - although it’s nothing special: why not try to achieve very good multiplayer by using the “help” of other (freeware) programs?

By using some of the most common VPNs (programs that allow this like Garena, Evolve, Hamachi etc…), couldn’t we achieve better responsiveness between players with them rather than by using a blender/python made online setup?

Not really. It is, essentially the same principle for both lan and Internet; simply the target differs. Hamachi will still suffer as much, if not more packet loss due to the intermediary layer it presents

bco an online setup is not that hard to build and got no need for any 3:rd part programs, and from where do you get that we can only have up to 5 players?, I newly made an stand alone server in python that i where connecting the blender game engine to, I where using UDP and whit that cold I easy take 30 connections whit out much ping at all. - got a problem tho in the ge when it where to play about 30 animations at the same time… when the players where representated by cubes it worked fine!
I’ll tryed out my server bout in an “online” mode and an local area network.

@esoneson: well, at least that’s what agoose’s setup could do (I saw it supported a decent connectivity between about 4 players, even though it had no limit), and also endi’s car racing game had a maximum of 5 players simultaneously (and I bet he was aiming for good network gameplay)…

I didn’t say we can only have up to 5 players - I only said that’s a “maximum” of supported players while keeping a decent latency. Got it? :slight_smile:

@agoose77: agreed, but unless anyone will implement a “match-maker” in their server/client BGE setups (in terms of finding players with lowest ping while ignoring game skill level), wouldn’t the vpn alternative be quite a good (easier) one? (still would need to have LAN :slight_smile: )

Matchmaking isn’t the hardest part. In fact, it’s arguably one of the easiest. My plugin in its current state is, limited. It’s not a good option for complex games regardless, but 5 client’s at a push. I think I can optimise it to push this above 5, but we’ll soon see. Stay tuned!

EDIT: it now has at least double performance