Any Luxology Modo users here that can share their insights?


I’m considering getting Modo 501 at work, i’m only a year into 3D and have been using Blender all the time.
I love Blender but have lately become more interested in Modo 501, it seems to be a great modeler and also seem to have a great and fast renderer.

The reason i consider it is because i believe it is faster from idea to finished idea with the Light Kit for great lighting setups and and a nice material system.

I will of course still use Blender but i feel i spend a lot of time just reading about things that will come and testing different builds and addons while wishing i had a solid package that doesn’t change to often and which i could just work in daily and produce nice renders.
I know Blender is perfectly capable to produce great things, and Cycles looks amazing but to far away right now to be a solid production tool.
If i could get Modo at work i feel i could probably spend my time on the projects instead of wishing i had a more solid tool.

My company will pay for it and the price seems very reasonable.
I understand that everyone have different needs and use their tools very different, but i will mostly make arch-viz stills with occasionally camera movement animations.

Are there any other Modo users here who can share their thoughts and experience about getting into Modo?
If you didn’t have to pay for it, would you prefer it at work?
What are your experience with Luxology and Modo?

Thanks in advance for your input!

Modo is worth the money. It is a great modeler, quick and efficient. The rendering system is great, as is a few new plugins for dynamics. It has no real rigging system yet, unless you are strictly rigging mechanical devices or if you plan to do production animation, such as phone animations, architectural walkthroughs and etc.

The Luxology forum is a great resource, as are the tutorials offered by the community and the Luxology site. If you plan to use it for work, you shouldn’t be disappointed. I went from Maya to Modo; however, I don’t feel like paying for software anymore since I’m learning more about Blender and implementing it into my everyday work/hobby.

Once you learn Modo, you’ll like it – but don’t be surprised if you find some things irritating, such as dropping the tool after use, finicky selection radius, etc. But, in the end, it’s worth the money, especially if Autodesk software is out of your price range.