any Mayans out there that know CV curves

is there an equivalent to a cv curve in blender?

the reason I ask is that it was so easy to draw out a curve the revolve it around and make cups, vases, guttering, etc…

is there a revolve tool? I think revolve was the max term… hmm… lathe? maybe

anyway you should know what I mean

is there something similar

You can use the spin tool or the spin dup tool - add plane, delete the verts, ctrl-lmb click in front view to the right to make a series of extruded verts, then select all the verts and switch to top view and hit ‘spin’ - you’ll need to preset how many parts, how many degrees, etc.

You can use bezier curves to create your shape, then convert to mesh (in object mode) and then use the spin tool. To make guttering, you might want to investigate bevel objects.

You could set a curve as bevOb of a curveCircle -> lathe. Curve defines the profile of the curveCircle. Example file: .

CV curves are interesting in that they are just bezier curves that utilise a different way to control the points (from my understanding of them based on my couple of times using them)

Maya does have some very easy methods to modify and create curved surfaces that offer a lot of freedom afterwards.

Blenders are not nearly as easy i.e. you cannot grab a single control point of a spun surface and move it/deform it without effecting the others.

In Blender you can however do the following:

BevObject in order to extrude a curve along a path. you can then twist this curve along a path using the [T] key. or you can change the width of this shape (shrink/fatten) by using [Alt+C]

Using a combination of Vector points, Free points, or Aligned points in your curve will open up a whole pile more opportunities.

To achieve some of the freedom of Maya, you can of course parent the curve to a lattice.

I hope this is helpful

You can spin curves but, it is only Surface curves that can be spun. Add>Surface>Nurbs Curve. Use the Resol U & V fields to set the smoothness of the interpolation, then use the Spin button on the curves and surfaces tab. The default of 12 just won’t cut it unless you want your objects to look like they were created with a chisel in the stone age. This is called Skinning in Blender but it is very limited compared to real nurbs programs. Like all other areas of Blender there is probably some Guru out there coding new support for this area of operation. See the Wiki here: