Any methdo for achieving 'light blinking'

Is there any script or method for achieveing a light blinking or dimmimg effect, in an animation.
I have not wandered into animation yet so I would need a simple solution if possible.

Thanks in advance.


Draw an IPO cruve for the lamp.

ipo curve - select lamp from the menu and then press “t” and set the type to constant for instant on and off.


Thanks guys,

btw,…to set ipo curve for lamps,…make a keyframe with mouse pointer in the lamp window. same for materials,…just put the mouse pointer in the materials window and press ‘i’ for the keyframe menu.
<edit> oh, and the world buttons too.

Thanks mordon, it worked easily they way you mentioned. :slight_smile:

lol i should have done it that way… I wanted a strobe light on a airplane, and used a particle system instead. But then I’m a big fat noob when it comes to IPO’s…

Well Just a day back I downloaded Greabeard’s Videwo tut5 on IPOs and guess what that makes it very easy to learn and understand the functioning of IPO’s. I learned a lot from it.

Thanks to Greaybeard :slight_smile:

ahh, i remember being a noob,…turning reflection all the way down and emit all the way up instead of clicking ‘shadeless’,…subsurfacing to a level of 5 instead of hitting ‘set smooth’,…ah yes, hey wait, i’m still a noob. that’s the beauty of blender. you never stop learning it.