Any MH 1.8 Body Settings to share?

I’m trying to create some characters with MH 1.8 and am getting lost in all the available settings. Does anyone have any character settings they’ve created with MH 1.8b that they’d be willing to share so I can learn from them?

P.S. I’m using 1.8b because I ultimately want to pose the characters and the autorig in 1.8 will make this easier.

I am playing around with blender 2.4. I am finding it difficult to to rig a chactericter using the new envelope system. its now a problem using the NEW envolopes for the arms and hands head. But the thighs and legs for me it has been near imposible to use the envolopes. coz they the so close together. the character i am using is one i made using the new makehuman at

Sorry i am did not answer your question. Since I also having problem with rigging. is there any reason you are using the old Makehuman? if so do you mind share the DIRECT link of where i can down load it form.

If u have not tried the new makehuman its a whole lot better to the older version.


Here’s a link to the download section for MakeHuman 1.8b:
You’ll need to download all the files the’ve listed (3 of them).

And a tutorial on how to use the “autorig” feature:

I’ve got Blender 2.37a and 2.4alpha2 installed as well as the new MakeHuman alpha. The reason I’m not using the new version is because it doesn’t have “auto-rigging” yet. So I’m using the older version for now. I don’t believe MH 1.8b works with Blender 2.4, but don’t quote me on that :wink:

And yes, the new MH alpha definitely has alot more -wow- factor than the older version, but I’m finding the older version will work for what I need… if only I can learn to create characters that aren’t so darn ugly! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks. [!] for th link.
U might want to move your post to Blender Animation. Those guy talk about rigging alot. Good luck :stuck_out_tongue: