Any more VSE plugins or Add ons?

Hey guys,

Are there any more plugins and add ons for the VSE besides the Resource page ( )

I’m trying to edit a music video and would like to be able to play with as many options as possible.

So any more pages, personal plugins or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Best Regards

Those will only work with blender 2.49, not the current blender version.

I understand Kent Mein (who archived and wrote a lot of those original plugins) is working on integrating them into 2.6x, now that the API is stable.

ok so who’s got plugins that work for the 2.61

You can create many of those plugin effects, including glow, masks, blur, pulling keys, and color grading, in the compositor with fairly simple node setups.

With a bit more work, you could probably re-create all of them in the compositor.