ANy new version for the GLSL preview rendering?


I was browsing the website and did not see a new build for
the GLSL edition. I cannot run it on my macbook pro win.

just curious where the progress is right now. looks like a very promessing


I think I’ve read somewhere that it is abandoned, because the developers want to stay compatible with all system configurations. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

The project is not active anymore, but not because it was not acceptable in Blender for compatibility or something, then it would have been silly to accept it as a gsoc project in the first place. The student is just not working on it anymore.


another great aspect put to sleep
like the cloud generator …


I was under the impression that the student plans to take the project through to completion.

And the cloud generator was only a good idea at the idea stage… it never really got off the ground, imo. GLSL mode was functional and growing.

oh for christ’s sake that was a feature i really liked

well the cloud system looked very promessing.

from most games i saw utilizing such a system it looked like a good way
to simulate clouds.

the current SSS version in blender also is only good for specific aspects.
it sounded to me that users disliked the cloud system that much that the
coder simply gave up …

but GLSL is really a bummer …

I heard of Zaghaghi saying he was implementing volumetric material that can used for clouds for Project Peach. Though his site currently says he coded a sort of atmospheric lighting and would like to bring it into Blender.

His site

The english address (the above is in Arabic)

It’s pity that GLSL has stopped. It looked so promising…

Thankfully its open source, so even if the author abandons it totally (he hasn’t AFAIK), you could either finish it yourself or pay someone to do it.