Any news about multiple UV maps?


I’m wondering are there any future plans to add possibility to create multiple UV maps per objects. One UV map can be pain in the ass in low poly :frowning:

Modifier stack upgrades, new modifiers: Edgesplit and Displace and UV Project
Sculpt modeling, multi-resolution Mesh and Retopo
Fluid Dynamics supporting animated Obects
Multi-level UV editing

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It’s in the making, not even in CVS yet, but I’m sure we will get it working within a few days/weeks to test it. Brecht has been merging a lot of his customfacedata patch (it allows multi-uv, vcolor layers, a vcolor node, and a lot of great stuff : ) in the last days.


I think brecht should have a commit ‘real soon now’ - he stated about 2 days after his custom properties commit, but obviously it is taking a bit longer than that :slight_smile:


This is very good news :slight_smile: