Any news on blender 2.8 interactive mode (?)

You’re supposed to extirpate cancer, not put it back.

I don’t find the idea of a nicely built playground within a 3D suite undesirable in the least – if you have an argument against that then I’m listening.

They also said Benoit didn’t have time to work on it so far. @ton @dfelinto, why not talk again with @lubos / armory3d project? Keep it optional (separate addon / package / branch) if the dependencies and or licenses are a concern.

I kinda doubt you actually are interested in listening to what I think. So I’ll just step out of the subforum and allow this conversation to continue.

meanwhile I am over here making games in blender game engine in blender 2.8 using prb.

we need a few things restored still,
we need GPU armature skinning
we need ATAA
then we blow past armoury.

Yes yes, we all know about your’s & @lordloki_reloaded’s good work :slight_smile:
You post a lot about it :wink:

To any outsider here @BluePrintRandom & I are just horsing-around like good friends, ignore us.

it is the work of Youle and Loki,

frontend I am just a tester who uses complex things,
meaning I find alot of the bugs.

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Wait . . . Youle & Lorki aren’t the same person?! :man_facepalming:

Well this is embarrassing.

BGE was the core concept of Blender since 1994. Now it’s just gone. Because we need more buttons and more fancy UX/UI.

I was using Blender for ENGINEERING simulations and rapid VR prototyping where electronics was providing data in real time to Python.


Blender became just another fancy 3D modelling tool.

Also LOST my RESPECT and TRUST as Open-Source where someone comes and just removes something with no alternative.

NOT COOL :frowning:


Btw. UPBGE is now working on FreeBSD :slight_smile:

Bullshit. Removing things with no replacement no alternative and even no plans for alternative is SO LAME! That move destroyed my respect for Blender :frowning:

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Maybe this can help:

I used to personally think Ton removing the BGE was totally inexcusable :neutral_face:
Then I realized that Blender Internal was removed also.
& what do they have in common?
The same code.
It wouldn’t make sense to remove one thing, & not the other (That would be favoritism)
So they removed both Blender Internal & the BGE engines.
The Cycles engine was left behind so old-timers would have at least something that they where familiar with, before moving on to the new EEVEE engine.

Interesting. I have been using the BGE in several occasions as real-time/low-latency visualizer in Engineering context, where another program feeds some data via UDP and objects are moved/added based on the stream content. That’s exactly the use case I would still like to see in Blender.

But it seems, development priorities are somewhere else now - maybe at some point this topic will rise again.


the git is open if anyone feels like helping

I am terrible at C :frowning:


Cycles wasn’t “left behind”. Cycles is still - and will be for a long time - the main production Renderengine. It is still being developed heavily and won’t go anywhere. Eevee is not there to replace Cycles, but to complement it.
Also, if you are familiar with Cycles, you are also familiar with Eevee because they use the same materials.

I beg to differ. EEVEE is the future :neutral_face: (Glad I have a new computer)
Cycles will be removed the in future & so will EEVEE once they create an even better rendering engine (Can’t wait to see it) :heart_eyes:

Indeed I do.
EEVEE is Cycles 2.0.

… what utter nonsense …


With real-time raytracing I think that eevee and cycles get a lot closer to feature parody.

EEVEE uses rasterization and isn’t even that good in comparison to other “game” renders on market
Cycles uses ray tracing
Future is real time ray tracing, not rasterization, closes EEVEE will get to is hybrid solution which still won’t remove need in full ray tracing render like Cycles. Only thing replacing Cycles is faster and better ray tracing render not rasterization or hybrid one.

It wasn’t

It’s gone because it’s outdated and held Blender overall development behind, nothing to do with UX/UI.

Almost as if it’s main purpose is to be 3D modelling tool

No one stops you from using older Blender versions.

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bro do you even malloc?

my real problem with it is how long a read the source is. i mean it’s ridonkulous. bet the whole purpose of the python api was to spare people from dealing with it if all they wanted to do was write an importer or what have you.

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