Any news on MacBook problems?

I just realized Blender 2.47 was released, and after installing it on my MacBook running Leopard and noticing its slowness I wondered: are there any news on this known problem?
I recall finding some discussions about it some time ago, maybe for 2.45. It looked like this slowness (e.g. when drawing menus) was due to a bug in Apple’s graphic drivers or something like that, and someone released a custom built Blender version which worked around this bug.

Has any workaround been integrated into Blender in the meanwhile?
Or are there more recent custom builds available?


You too? I have been having problems running blender on my macbook also . I even doubled the RAM recently but it’s still painfully slow. I’ve tried a number of things from running the old power-pc version on my intel system (which ironically ran slightly better) to using a hacked version like the one you mentioned (they said it was a memory buffer problem or something like that - it worked phenomenally untill I went to render a frame, at which point it basically dies everytime). I was exited to see 2.47 out and hoped they would address the issue, but it is just as bad as before so far as I can tell.