Any of you have a robot or had one before (or anything animatronic)

As in, Robots, Animatronic devices, some product with sophisticated software.

A few days ago we got a Roomba, and while the battery goes down early because the guy who had it before us didn’t run it all the way down. It does a pretty good job, it even spot cleans areas it finds dirty, will follow edges, and go around table legs.

When it comes to animatronic devices we once had one of those singing fish heads, it kind of wore down though.

Robots, Animatronics, sophisticated software in products that you have, post them here.

I once built this robot, but I could never get it adjusted to work right…

i had a robo soccer doggy at my houce lol, wasnt mine thou, its crazy how those things interact with moving objects

Do you remember the name of the robot?


I have the Lego mindstorms NXT set, it’s sick. HIGHLY recommended. easy to program, tons of sensors and servos, bluetooth wirless (use your cellphone as a remote) the list goes on and on. it is a seriously awesome toy. expensive, but not really, considering the hardware. and it’s legos!

3 strong motors
sensors: touch/pressure - ultrasound (for object 5-10 ft away), color sensor, camera, microphone, speakers, bluetooth

yeah, i love those things, would buy many and build an uber droid :smiley: (if i could)
i first begame to know of the new mindstorm NXT series from my VB 2005 express, lol

I built one too…my first “Solar Robotics Car” about 5-6 years ago:

And here’s my Lab (a little old…it’s bigger now): :wink:

lol we have a whole robotic scientist here