Any of you play Civilization?

I am a big fan of the Civ series by Sid Meier et al. I loved Civ 3, but Civ 4 doesn’t support many custom graphics. I want to make some models and units, etc. but I don’t know what plug-ins I need. There is a great forum at I am not really a master modder, but I’d like to be! Just wondering if any of you were also Civvers.

Civ 3 very addictive. You can lie, cheat and steal without all the real world consequences. Normally I can’t sit still for long, but with Civ 6 hours could go by with moving, which is bad, very bad for circulation. If I drop dead, it’s all Sid Meier’s fault. :smiley:

Sorry Saxofoner91 haven’t treid C4 yet. Modelling your own Civ, that would be interesting.

I hella played civ III, and made a big mod for it. It’s in my signature.

Civ IV cannot get custom graphics yet… I do happen to know alot of details, and do know Blender has a good chance with 3ds max as being a program usable for making graphics… other than that, I won’t go into too much detail… except to say an SDK is due in January or so.

Played a few of the early ones but tired of them. RTS is more my passion

The trick to Civ3 is to wipe out the other civilization on your continent before you go to the next, then you can sell weak cities to other civilizations for civ advances, then the weak cities will rebel and come back to you. And with that extra money you can upgrade your army quickly before the others do and wipe them out.

And before you go to war, you need barracks which produce veterans which can beat the other civs regulars. Its a balancing act, you need enough cities producing barracks to go to war, but you can’t at first have all your cities producing barracks or you won’t get the civ advances. You also need plenty of cities, but not to many cities or corruption goes rampant.

The other trick ,at the start of the game, is to get land with iron and horses before other do. And a bit later get Chivalry as quick as you can before the others do.

Later in the game when the knights become obsolete, having plenty of muskette men become important because they turn into riflemen then infantry men and later tanks.

In the end the whole game is a balancing act, when to go to war, when to end a war, what wonders to get and not to get etc. Also in the later part of the game you got to wipe out any city producing the UN, or they will win, that’s when spying comes in handy.

New_neo haven’t tried RTS, will have to look into that.

Real Time Strategy is alright, I love Age of Mythology, and Rise of Nations.

@NeoOmega: Do you know if, with the SDK, and a plug-in for Blender, will we be able to make our own units? I got as far as doing a pallette for a unit in Civ 3, I couldn’t get the whole flicster part down. But I’ll learn. Thanks a lot.

It’s hard to know how open or closed the SDK will be.

If it comes out exclusively for 3ds max or something, then we will have to wait for the open source community to make tools, (which there are folks working on, BTW)

If the SDK is fairly open, and decode the new civ IV .nif format, (version, then it may be quite easy to get Blender plugins.

That is great. So there is hope after all. YAY! :smiley:
I’m making a holy hand grenade, with a bunch of explosions and things, for when/if we get the SDK and plugins. But with that taking a half hour to render (without smoke!) then I don’t know if the game could handle it. Maybe I could billboard it. Oh well, I’m getting ahead of myself. But, um, thanks for the info.

I once played it :stuck_out_tongue:
But I wasnt civilized enough… %| so the computer stopped working :expressionless:
Stop slacking you piece of metal :x !

from what I can tell, teh NIF file format really likes billboards… really like transparency layers… allthough they usually are in 128x128 or less .dds files.

BTW, here is an animated previewfor a unit I made for my mod for Civ III, using Blender. Most of my units were made in other programs… in fact I only completed 2 units in Blender, then I started to get realy interested in actual 3d game modelling, and kind of quit modding civ III.