Any one need some textures?

I was just searching my hardrive for textures, and after the realization of how many I had I figured I would make a website for them. I have over 2,303 textures which equals up to 400+Mb’s of textures, not including the ones I may download in the future. So until I get the money to make the site I can give the textures out for now, however if you want them on disk you will need to send me $3. I am not selling this for money. The money is for the shipping only.
But if you can wait for the site, they will be totally free on site. Mostly all of the texures were either given to me or downloaded from other sites legally. So i promise that they are fully legit… Some are tilable and some arent.

This is only an idea as of right now… and this site will be directed directly to the blender community, and no one else. Please give me some feedback on this subject if you will… thank you in advance…

i might have a place for you to upload them. figure out the exact size and ill get back to you. :slight_smile:

I think I hear the sound of BitTorrent coming over the horizon.

Good idea, however I dont’ know how to do that… :slight_smile: i only know how to download them…

The total size:
2,537 files (some textures are still zipped)
118 Folders
437 mb’s total size
445 mb’s on disk

I too don’t know how to create or begin a torrent. however. I think people on here would agree with me that you might contact somebody at and get your textures posted on there as a torrent the same way they post the blender vids. This is pretty useful stuff, and we should always try to get it all accessible from one spot that everyone knows about. that’s why so many questions about models and tutes are always asked, because they are spread thin across the world literally.

JesterKing who runs the Blender torrent site says on the site to contact Ask them what to do.
Thanks very much for wanting to share the textures with us.

and get your textures posted on there as a torrent the same way they post the blender vids.

Yeah, that was MY torrent tracker that my web hosting company had me turn off because torrent trackers were against their terms of service. I guess I was the 1% that didn’t having anything illegal on it but they can’t make exeptions for just one person.

This is how you start a torrent: Get Azureus, go to file > create a torrent, and then follow the prompts (you’ll need to find a torrent tracker so you can get the announce URL). After you tell it what files are going to be in the torrent it will make the torrent file, which is basically just a file lists all the chucks of the torrent with checksum information to make sure nothing get’s corrupted. It also lists your computer as one who is on the torrent.

After you upload the torrent file to a torrent tracker people will connect to the torrent and will download them from you. So keep your computer on all night so you can seed the file. As more people get chunks they will start pulling from eachother instead of just you, even though no one has finished the entire file yet. Then it starts to speed as more people get the file.

So yeah, we need to find you a torrent tracker. I know someone that is willing to let me use his. I’ll see what I can do.

Yeah, that’s the guy I know that has the torrent tracker. Thanks for providing the link :).

But I only have architectural and misc textures… I do not have textures of skin or other organical textures. I will contact blender .org to see what they can do because hosting a torrent on my computer will lag a dsl connection badly. Although, if you guys have winmx or kazaa I can host it on there…

I am kinda sketchy about letting someone else host these textures because some of them that were given to me look to have been off of bryce and 3d max texture cd, and I don’t want a legit server getting in trouble for what someone has given me. However, if you guys still want me to ask I can…

Some sites have a policy that you can’t redistribute them.

If it wouldn’t be too much trouble to check which you can distribute and which not, please. :slight_smile: Are they really high res and high quality, btw? Because it might not be worth the trouble downloading them if they aren’t…

I sent a contact form to blender… hope to hear something soon.

OK i just got an email from them… here is what it said!

Hi Jerry,

I think this would be more suited for a community site such as Elysiun.
I have forwarded your message to their webmaster.



Hope somome contacts me soon.